I have been working in the computer industry since 1995 and have worked on everything from mobile application development on symbian, to creating my own test framework (http://github.com/rlgomes/dtf) to test an object oriented storage product at Sun Microsystems. I was able to have it open sourced by Sun and then later used it for the first 2 years at Yahoo to help the Platform Team (Cloud Team as it was later known) to test a distributed hash-table implementation and a globally available high performance messaging system.

In my short career in the Bay Area I've worked on back-end and front end work and I've gone from working in the development team to developing special tools/frameworks for the testing team. I have also had the opportunity to help mentor and teach the ways of software development to junior members having spent almost a year working with a bunch of new grads at Yahoo helping them get their first footing in the industry.

People always ask why I don't just do development and the simple answer is that I find testing to be a more challenging field. The testing problem is an incomplete problem. Because of this, it makes testing a very difficult and hard job to do that most people steer away from. Testing also requires quick adaptation on a daily basis to new problems or changes in features that are shipping. Diagnosing and understanding issues in a product are also another part of your daily tasks as a Quality Engineer and all of those things combined are what make testing a more interesting and exciting field to be in.

Rodney Lopes Gomes

Born Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Spoken Languages English, Portuguese
Programming Languages Python, Javascript, Java, C, C++, Bash, Haskell, Prolog